Membership Info and Dues


OCCPTA Membership Dues Remittance Form for 2015-16 

  • Ocean County Council PTA membership dues are payable to the county chairperson, @ .25 cents per member, on the 15th of every month.   
  • These are the same dates that payments are due to NJPTA.
  • Dues must be paid by December 1, to the address below, in order to be eligible for any Ocean County Council PTA contest awards or certificates. 
  •  County dues MUST NOT BE SENT TO NJPTA.  If they are sent to NJPTA in error, Ocean County Council will not be reimbursed and you will not receive the proper credit for the payment.
            Please send payments to:

Jill Fielder 525 Birch Bark Drive Brick NJ 08723

make checks payable to Ocean County Council PTA.  

Return the form below with your remittance.
It is NOT necessary to send a remittance form if no dues are being paid.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Membership Calendar

These are the tasks and responsibilities, broken down by month, that will help you carry out a successful membership drive.

  • Meet with the membership committee and president to establish a membership goal.
  • Use dates of special state PTA, National PTA, and community events to organize the local PTA's activities.
  • Create or update a list of the unit's accomplishments during the last two or three years.
  • Contact your state PTA for a listing of program resources and promotion items.
  • Prepare your membership budget for the year.
  • If you haven't received your membership cards, contact your state PTA.
  • Create and update your PTA website.
  • August/September/October

  • Plan to attend all school functions, i.e., kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school registrations and classroom volunteer and parent orientation meetings. Have a table with information about PTA's programs, activities, positions, advocacy efforts, and membership.
  • Send letters of invitation home with all students for their families to join PTA. Include an assessment survey to learn about members' areas of interest.
  • Record membership and remit all dues money on a monthly basis.
  • Have a membership table at your first meeting. Use this opportunity to welcome everyone, encourage their involvement, and inform them of PTA programs, positions, and advocacy efforts.
  • Include articles in your PTA, school, and community newsletters describing activities and programs of PTA.
  • Remind your members to register on the National PTA members' website. The special website address is on the back of each membership card.
  • Approach community organizations about possible partnerships with your PTA.
  • Contact area businesses about membership opportunities with your PTA.
  • Contact all newcomers to the community and personally invite them to join PTA.
  • November/December

  • Organize a group to make personal contacts, either by visits or phone calls, to all parents, teachers, and community members who have not joined.
  • Inform members of the progress toward the membership goal.
  • Plan volunteer recognition for your PTA.
  • January/February

  • Continue to recruit new members and reinstate "drop out" members.
  • Evaluate progress made so far and plan new approaches as needed.
  • Plan an activity for National PTA's Founders Day (February 17).
  • Check National PTA's website for back-to-school event opportunities.
  • March/April/May

  • Review and update the records of membership activity.
  • Update membership records for your successor. Include the following:
  • Financial accounting of the number of members, An outline of the year's planning and those responsible for each activity, A roster of the membership committee complete with addresses and phone numbers. Notes of evaluation sessions and recommendations, and Other materials important to carry out the work of the committee.

  • Conducting Membership Campaigns
    The Membership Campaign An active, creative membership campaign is a fun and effective way for current members to recruit prospective members. Developing a membership campaign not only helps create public awareness about PTA programs and activities, but also allows members to show their support for PTA by participating in membership recruitment. Through a creative campaign you can show prospective members why they should join PTA. The first step for a successful campaign is planning. A sample plan would include the following steps:
    Select a chair and committee members. These members do not need to be on the membership committee. Determine the goals and scope of the campaign. Do you have a percentage increase for a goal, i.e., 10 percent growth in membership Decide whom you want to reach. Be sure to include diversity in your efforts. Set goals in each category. Plan how you will reach your prospects. Include personal contact, telephone calls, newsletters and publications (PTA and non-PTA), and the Internet. Arrange for a kick-off meeting. Establish a timeline and coordinate all campaign activities to involve the entire membership. Coordinate your public relations activities with the membership campaign. Timing is everything! Plan ahead to publicize your campaign. Evaluate your progress. Inform all involved in your campaign of results on a regular interval. Volunteers are motivated by results.